Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Thoong Bee Leng!!! and Congratulations to Amily & Jeffrey on ur bb gal!!! & I love MOM!!!

First, I would like to wish my only Jie Jie, Thoong Bee Leng a Happy Birthday! Wish u cheong meang pak shui, ching choon mei lai, san tai kin hong, sang sang seng seng and guai guai teng wah.

Anyway, I had sms her 12.50pm last nite when she's still working in office and she jz called me to show off tat she took a day off n brought mom 2 neway 2 sing k. wtf, never ajak me.

I think d actual stories started 2 weekends ago (3rd April 2010), where Amily gave birth 2 a cute bb gal. I was in d labor room wit Amily while Jeff + Ken was chatting downstairs. She's having her contraction pain. Doc said it's suppose to be at every 5-3 min interval but she's having it kinda regular. More regular than 5 years ago b4 Catherine Lai gave birth to Jun Jun and Amily looked more painful.

I was standing there whole body shaking not knowing wat 2 do. I wanna talk 2 her, 2 disattract her from d pain but I doesn't know if I'm suppose 2 let her relax and concentrate on controlling d pain. Then v decided 2 call d nurse in. I tot if she need 2 check on Amily's opening, she wud ask me 2 leave d room, but she din. She very "selamba" put on a disposable glove and go underneath d cloth, I'm still ok. But when she lifted up her hand 2 take off d gloves, it was full of blood, I alsmost can't stand straightly. D nurse was very nice, telling Amily & me in details tat she's not fully open yet. Asked Amily not 2 push coz it's not fully open yet. Then I tell d nurse tat she's in great pain and she jz smile n said it's normal, it's like tat. Somemore take a look @ me n tease me, when it's ur turn, u'll know it's normal. wtf.

I told Amily let's give me a few mins break, I go down n look for Ken n for her 2 rest awhile. So I went out n Ken is waiting outside while Jeff was away for awhile. I told Ken about my experience. Turns out he oso scared of listening 2 horror stories about blood. He can sees blood but he can't listen 2 stories. weird guy, i know. But he gave me a hug n said it's ok.

When I wanna enter d labor room n accompany Amily again, d door is closed n d nurse said tat she's ready and doctor is on his way coming up 2 deliver d bb. I quickly call Jeffrey and he reached jz in time 2 c his bb gal coming out from d labor room. Jeffrey was really happy smilling from ear to ear non stop. I hope he'll b a good daddy n no doubt Amily is a great mom.

I went home tat day n tell my mom about my experience, gave her a big hug n remind her tat she's d best! 2 months ago on my bday, I did bring her out dinner, jz d 2 of us. For d recent few years, this is wat I did, celebrate my bday wit mom, thanking her wit jz a normal dinner. I also tell Cecillia & Daniel about this n get them 2 kiss Thoong Bee Leng n tell her tat they love her.

Another incident tat makes me think tat my mom is really d best was yesterday. I had my dinner and slept early on Tuesday nite so on Wednesday morning I went for a body check (blood test & urine test). For d past 3 years I did my body check up 2gether wit mom. Everytime b4 d doctor poke me n take my blood I will hug n close my eyes behind mom coz I m really scared. This year I went alone, thinking it was ok. I reach there a bit nervous. Then I call Amanda n May while waiting for d doctor 2 come. I doesn't wanna call my new love aka d silly 1 coz I dun wanna wake him up, but at last I called him n he sounded very much still sleeping.

Doctor arrive n I'm really really scared. He said it's not pain but I won't blif him. I asked for a nurse n hugged her while I can feel d doctor poke me n take my blood. I'm all shaking n very close 2 tears. It seems like eternity n I can't stop shaking. Finally it's done but I'm very exhausted so I tell d doctor tat I'll come bak 2 do pap smear wit his wife when I collect report coz I'm really shy.

Bak @ office, I started 2 cry coz I'm still scared. Called d silly 1 n he still sounded sleepy and once he heard me cry, I think tat wakes him up. V actually decide not 2 meet up but he still come n lunch wit me n I was down coz I'm still traumatised n he knew I wasn't d usual happy n bubly me. He asked wat's wrong but din push when i dun feel like talking. Tat evening, b4 he starts work, he called me n ask if i'm ok n said tat he's worry about me. I'm touched knowing tat he's bz esp on Wed but he still call me 2 check on me n 2 comfort me. I smsed him telling him tat when he's so nice n caring 2 me, I fall in love wit him even more.

Last nite I went out dinner wit Mr Y. V plan 2 go 2 Full House @ Sunway but I wanna try Bubba Gump shrimp and v did. V also plan for Haagen Daz after dinner but they r closed then v went 2 Baskin Robbins which is also close. fml. Dinner was nice, chatting n spending time wit Mr Y is also nice but he gave me long lecture about my future n this guy tat I wanna date.

Now I gotta think wat 2 do this weekend n where 2 bring Thoong Bee Leng for nice food.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm in Love

Mayb I shudn't b blogging about this, afterall, u guys won't care tat much. And it's also one of d reasons y i blogger lesser. :P

But I'm happy & hope 2 share it.

Finally, v r together but not many of you knows. Some will b very surprise 2 know it's him.

Will try 2 blog more from now. He's very encouraging for me 2 find my own passion and hobby, so cannot use him as excuse not 2 blog, except tat I've given him all my time n frankly speaking I'm jz lazy.