Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raining weekends makes them cancel my Broga hike

It was 4.15am when I heard the heavy rain pouring and when alarms set off at 4.30am, the rain stop. I called Caryn but she said her place, Sg Long no rain so I wash up waiting for Ming to fetch Ken and me. When I was wearing my socks and shoes, Caryn called and upon discussion with Ming, they decided to call off the Broga hiking as the skies are red and her place Sg Long can hear thunder. So our sleeps continues.

Later in the afternoon, Ken and I went shopping at Carrefour and we saw this cheap set of bed + mattress. Although he doesn't like the mattress coz it's too hard but I think the bed frame's design is ok, price is affordable but wonders if it's really needed or feasible to buy it. Btw, Ken got very GOOD TASTE coz the mattresses he prefers are all over RM1k++. *Hinting he got good taste in choosing good gf :P *

                     Tat's not me on the bed                                 Tat's not us fooling around

Recently we are furniture shopping coz he wanted to furbish his room and make some changes like from single bed to double bed and etc etc :P. We are looking at bed, mirror (for me) and small cupboard, 1 wall to be painted in pink and he even suggest the window wall coz he wanted to hang pink color curtain . We haven't bought anything yet as I wanted him to clean his room a bit before deciding what to buy and how to have all these things place in his room.

Let me leak a secret out. My room is as messy as his. kekeke Imagine how my mom will shout at me if she founds out that I help Ken to clean his room nice and tidy while my own room and table is messy. kekeke

Just cancel and make some plans for the weekend. The trip that I wanted so badly for Ken and I got postpone again. Last weekend we are suppose to go Penang but cancel coz Clovis was sick, this weekend wanted to go Ipoh or Malacca but no response from others and I know for sure you all will ask why not go just the two of us, why must include the whole gang or some other couple. Reasons are I thought it will be a bit boring going vacation just the two of us and we can do that anytime. Since we have time this weekend, perhaps we will clean his room again and go for some furniture's window shopping. Plus, I got yumcha with ADT gang on friday (just confirm after half an hour of shitty chat with Leong Tak Yee and Marcus Yap Choong Way) and saturday will be Alice Low's house warming at Sg Buloh and second round belated celebration of Kew Shee Hing's bday.

Then the next week I'll be off to Bangkok. Yeah!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sungai Congkak weekend and meeting up with old friends

There are many things I wanna blog about like 2 weekends ago I went 2 Sungai Congkak wit my family, last week Ken + I fixed his door knob and had lunch wit his mom + sis, about meeting up with some old friends (1st: Christine Low, Esther Thong and Eve Lee and 2nd: Katherine Wong with Amanda Wong), chatted for many hours, catching up about each others life. Alright, I'll jz try my best to blog about it but not in details.

On a Saturday nite, Bee Ling n Hoong smsed me saying tomorrow let's go Sungai Congkak and since Ken is not free to entertain accompany me coz he got some photo shooting so I agreed lor. Sunday morning, coincidentally there's some charity fair nearby. We wanted to have our breakfast there but it was too crowded so we had our breakfast on our way to Sungai Congkak.

Upon reaching, we changed into our play clothes. The water is really cold but refreshing. As usual, Daniel and I start to splash each other and got Hoong and Cecillia wet as well. Mom was busying spying and catching prawns and fishes. Amazingly she got about 20 of small lobsters. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera. All Sungai Congkak pixs are courtesy from KC's Iphone, which I steal from her Facebook. Then Bee Ling and Cecilia build a small pond and released mom's lobsters there. Initially mom wanted to bring those lobsters home for her aquarium geh but they seems like dying so we decided to release them back to nature.


After many rounds of water splashing, rests and food (snacks, burgers, etc) we changed into dry clothes, packed and leaves. On the way out, we stopped by the durian stalls to eat some durians and bought some mangoes.

Then there was one Friday, Christine Low, Esther Thong, Eve Lee and myself meet up at Snow Beer. These gals are my childhood friend but they moved out from the neighbourhood, whereas the poor loyal me still stays here :P
After so many years didn't meet up, chat or keep contact, we catched up with each other. Christine was married 3 years ago and was blessed with a cute bb gal, Elin early this year. Esther registered and are planning her wedding while Eve just got married. Aww, they all are so blessed and happy and I do envy them and start to day dream of my own happiness. We chated about Christine's marriage and pregnancies, listenning to her in laws' stories, Esther's every weekend getaway to her husband to be's house and Eve's wedding day's stories and my work, hiking, bfs etc.

Christine + Eve + Esther+ prawn as usual with peace

Another meeting the old friend worth mention is Katherine Wong with Amanda. I met Amanda once in awhile for yumcha, breakfast @ MCd so she's ok but it has been sometime since I last meet Kath, few months back. But then, Jason (Kath's husband) and Vicky (Kath's dotter) was there and we didn't get to have any gals chat like we used to. So, last nite with Amanda's warning, Kath come out alone to meet us, very brave of her :P.

We chatted about lotsa silly gal's stuff, previous stories which knot be revealed here and laff till d whole MOMO cafe's almost kick us out, of coz they won't. They are very kind and tolerate with our high pitched voice chatting and laffs.

Catching up with old friends like this are very precious moments, which I truly appreciate. I used to be very friendly and have no problem making new friends. But as I got older, seems like I can't find any new topic to talk to new people but I am more comfortable with old friends, connecting and laffing at our silly pasts. Now next I should target my secondary skool buddies aka Carine Low, Catherine Lai, Chris Lim, Lau Kam, Hing and etc.

Let's not forget, recently Irvine Loo Chen Faun (Foon) and I keep in touch and we wanted to arrange for a meet up as well. Perhaps between Foon, Hing, Racheal Loo, May and me.

But 2nd week of July (another 2 weeks) I'll be at Bangkok, missing Sook Kien's wedding. Congratulations in advance!!! Let see when I could date my secondary skool buddies and old time college friends (Foon and Hing).

Oh, tomorrow I'll be invading Broga Hill 2nd time. I'll try to blog about Broga b4 next weekend or Bangkok trip.

Friday, June 11, 2010

To Do List for 2nd half of 2010

With 24 weeks past for year 2010, I thought I'll make a list of things to do or want to do for the balance 28 weeks. Let's plan 6 things to get it done by this year.

1. Romantic getaway, doesn't have to be far, just want to be with him for a day or two

2. Save enough downpayment and to source for a car (changing my kancil)

3. Maintain my weight less than 50kg, now it's about 48kg (Update 13.08.2010: I gained weight. Now i'm 50kg) :(

4. Learn photoshop and/or photoscape
5. Swim/Jog/Hike twice a month (Broga)

6. Gals only trip with my BFF, scheduled in July

But this weekend is also another busy weekend. Tomorrow I'll accompany Ying to choose her wedding gown, then yumcha wit BFF and most probably yumchau wit some old buddies.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I jz ♥ this pix

Thanks 2 Steven for this pix. Ken was acting cute but I jz love d feel of hugging him.

I it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Me 1st time celebrate Ken's bday as his partner

Yeah, this is not suppose 2 b a new post but he jz gave me these pixs 2 days ago n i have no idea wat n how 2 edit so, here's a raw shots of his bday celebration.

His bday was on 10th May, Monday. Since he doesn't have 2 work on Mon, so I planned 2 got off work on time n fetch him 2 Delicious @ Dua Residency Jalan Tun Razak. I had make booking a week before his big day. On Monday, I skipped lunch and with kind help from Winsen who fetch me to and fro office and Delicious Restaurant (n i dun even have time 2 lunch wit him), I dropped Ken's bday present (d Sensonic GPS bot from PC fair) n select a slice of bday cake 4 him, a piece of Macadamia cheesecake. Yummy!

Ken's bday present is d pretty gal GPS :P

It was terrible jam, @ 6pm++ jz after office hours n I was f**king hungry coz I din had lunch n was very excited, fetched Ken, his bday ma so I was his chauffeur for d nite lor head towards CITY CENTRE Jalan Tun Razak. Shots some pix, ordered Carbonara Spaghettini, Pan Sear Cod, Prawn Cocktails, Mango SmoothieWatermelon juice. When v finished d meal, d waitress deliver d cake n Ken's bday present n sang bday song 2 him. I hope he had a nice surprise!!!

bday boy @ delicious

aww, I heart these

Ken ask me 2 pose hiau geh

prawn (not me) cocktail wit lotsa nice, fresh n crispy vege

our drinks n carbonara (no mushroom geh)


bday present, boy + cake

very full, almost knot finish

it's not haunted, actually very nice ambience

After dinner, v went 2 Sky Bar coz I tot he wud like 2 take some pix there. @ Sky Bar, he had Raised In Manhattan while I choose Lychee Rose Martini.

I know it's not about me but I look slim so I pose my pix :P

Hope he likes d surprise I prepared

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Genting & Baskin Robbins

Sat nite after Ken finished his job as wedding videographer @ Pandan Lake Club, I fetch him home n waited for him 2 pack 4 Genting. As v r getting late, I nagged n rushed him a bit but he replied harshly “Don’t rush me” n d usual manja me jz sit there quietly, waiting 4 him 2 pujuk me.

Surprisingly, not oni did he not pujuk me, in d car, he was very angry n scolded me for rushing him n getting mad, alwaz wanna b pujuk. I was heart broken thinking tat I used 2 throw tantrums n all bad temper but now, I oni wanna b manja but all I got was scoldings.

After fetching 3 0, Ken n I still din tok till v reached Genting at about 2am. V had some wines n watch “Super Cheong Mun Yan” n chit chat n played Jinga. V all slept at about 4++. Gals in 1 room while d boys r in d other room n Tze Lung n Ming r sleeping in d living room. I woke up ard 7++ n slipped on d bed next 2 Ken. He was sharing d bed wit 3 0.

After breakfast of breads, milo n instant noodles, v went 2 take some pix @ d garden n temples. Then v went 2 Fun OK Cafe @ Tmn Connaught. Ken n I wore d couple t-shirts (of Mickey and Minnie) tat I bot from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Gals @ Menara Pahang

Ken + prawn Couple posing in front our rental apartment

prawn is acting cute

3 0 + prawn in James Bond pose

Not so sexy back

One of my fav pix coz v look so playful & happy

couple pix @ d garden

Group pix
On 31st March, d day I agreed 2 b his gf, I told him that I wanna buy Baskin Robbin’s ice cream coz they r having this 31% discount on all their ice creams promotion. I remembered it was Wednesday, where he was opening stall @ Tmn Connaught. On the phone, he asked me, when will b d next promotion n I answered 31st monthly. He checked his calendar n told me tat May 31st is a Monday (his off day) n made a promise 2 bring me 2 Baskin Robbins.

Of coz I remembered he make such promise but I din say a word. But he surprise me by reminding me of our ice cream date. I wanted 2 bot d tixs for Prince of Persia online but they are charging additional RM0.50 per tix. Seeing tat there r still lotsa empty seats, I decided 2 booked n queue 4 d tix. V went 2 Leisure Mall on Monday, bot movie tixs for Prince of Persia but skipped dinner coz v were late.

D story is about Prince Dastan (a bit handsome but no royal blood) and Princess Tamina (d sands of time's guardian) stopping Prince Dastan's evil uncle 2 turn bak time where Prince Dastan's father aka d king will b killed which will then make his uncle as king. As usual d lead actor n d good will alwaz defeat d evil and won d love of d princess. I think there r some parts which r very kuah cheong (extreme) but overall, it's a nice movie coz got romance n love ma. But Ken's kinda into it's storyline n asked me lotsa questions. He said now it's good 2 watch English movies coz I'll b there 2 explain 2 him. I wonder how long he can test my patients b4 I shout @ him. kekeke

After d movie, at ard 9.30pm, v started queing for Baskin Robbins. Initially v ordered a pint which they allow us 2 mix 2 flavors, but d guy who serve us said tat if v order quart, he will let us mix 3 flavors. I wanted Rum and Raisin but finished so V choosed Mango Tango, Strawberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter n Chocolate n it’s all yummy (except for Mango Tango coz it’s choosen by Ken n I dun really prefer sour flavor). Ken paid ard RM33++ for 700gram of YUMMY ice cream.

Mango Tango, Strawberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter n Chocolate

Ken said it’s d 1st time he ate such expensive ice cream but I remembered long time ago, d 4 college buddies (Amanda, May, Yvonne & myself) , Lai, Bean n Ken shared Baskin Robbins @ MV b4. Anyway, poor Ken coz he has been using so much monie lately. He paid 4 all my Genting expenses n yday’s movie n ice cream.

Thanks 4 having d heart 2 remember this promise n spoiling me wit d luxuries of spending time wit u. Muaks!

Now, let's count down 2 d next 31st. I wonder if he will still spoil me :P