Monday, May 24, 2010

Things to buy for one nite stay @ Genting Ria Apartment

Yeah, dun tell me. I know Genting Ria Apartment got ghost. I wud like to pretend tat I dunno o tat's not true. Yes, I'm very scared of ghost but it's ok becoz I'll be staying there for oni one nite with my new love and a whole group of crazy ppl, whom I assume will be drunk.

Although this is a near (2 Genting oni) n short (1 nite stay oni) trip but it took almost 4ever 2 months for Ying and I 2 plan, 2 beg ask everybody if they want 2 join and booked d apartment. Yday, Tze Lung, Ying, Ken and I went to Jusco Cheras Selatan 2 buy stuffs 4 this trip. Lucky we had Ying wit us as she really knows what we need n what to buy n amount we will need.

We bot 3 cans of different flavor's tuna spread, a can of curry ciken (especially for Choon Meng, jz bcoz he doesn't like tuna), a dozen of instant noodles in cup, 4 bottles of Cokes as mixer, some chips, a pack of napkins, a pack of MILO n etc.

Oh, although 2day is oni Monday, I can't wait for Thurs 2 come and then d weekend 4 us 2 go 2 Genting. kekeke!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

3rd time hiking Sg Lembing

Last sunday, Ken, Kin Ming, Suzanne and I went to Sg Lembing. The photoclub gang was there a day before us and went to Rainbow Waterfall, which is in my list of next places to visit.

Let's fall in love with this lovely Rainbow Waterfall from pixs below:
Pix courtesy Justin Yeong

Pix courtesy Steven Ma

Pix courtesy Justin Yeong

And pix from the peak of Sg Lembing (all pix below are courtesy from Ken Chen)
Amazing sun rays
Beds of clouds
Taiwan style of posing 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
His + Hers
We departed from KL around 1am and reached Sg Lembing in time to meet up wit Tze Lung, Choon Meng and other photoclub's gang to start the journey up almost 5am. It took us about 45 mins to reach the peak, where many people has gather, waiting for the sun to rise.

prawn + Clovis + Suzanne + Kin Ming (Pix courtesy Steven Ma) 
Clearer view of Sg Lembing (Pix courtesy Steven Ma)

Again, it's a bit disappointed as I've never successfully catch the "ham dan wong" but still the scenery never failed to impress me, especially this is the first time I'm there with him as couple. I think the big bed of clouds are not as big and thick as they are few years back. I wonder if our Mother Earth are sick of us human polluting her.

After lotsa photo shoots by many skillful photographers, we headed down, back to their guest house for rest and a refreshing bath.

Later we went to the town, East Coast Mall to lepak while waiting to go to Choon Meng's friend's house. His mom was so kind to prepare us a very nice chicken meal.

We headed back toward KL around 4pm. Ken and I took turns to drive while Kin Ming and Suzanne logged in into their piggy mode. *Stupid me, should have take some of their pig shots*

Oh, let's not forget that I had a short crush on a nice young gentleman. I noticed him when we were at the guest house. He has been kind enough to offer me his Super Ring snack and allowed me to steal his Kinder Bueno chocolate. I asked Ken for his number but Ken was jealous. Nevertheless, I got hold of him through facebook, msn and finally his mobile number. *Ken, I still got it* :P

Ok, ok, let's not forget the whole group of new friends that I made. They are just as great.

It was a VERY tiring trip for me as I didn't sleep at all for 2 nights consequencely and I didn't get to sleep early.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How well do u know me?

I wonder how well a fren shud know about a fren? How well shud a bf knows about his gf?

I prefer pink over other colors and I do not eat mushrooms.
I think many ppl knows about these. Most close frens knows tat my mom raises me up, takes good care of me, I have a sister married wit 2 kids (whom I called them my own) and a brother. Most ppl knows wher did d name prawn comes from.

Last fri, in a normal conversation wit my love 1, I realise he tot I was born in d year of Monkey. I've alwaz known he dinno how 2 spell my name but how can he not know my age n date me?

Tat makes me wonder if he really has feeling for me o if he ever really cares. I was so sad, cried, couldn't zzz. Heartache ma. Well, he did said sorry n try 2 learn, I forgive him coz it has been 10 years since he last paktoh.

This incident makes me realise tat I had good frens whom will not mind if I called her in d middle of d nite 2 cry and when she wakes up @ 6.30 in d morning, she'll ask if i get any zzz n if i wanna have breakfast. Thanks, May! Another good frens whom doesn't mind having early breakfast wit me at McD although she zzz late d nite b4 and has 2 rush 2 work after meeting me. She gotta listen 2 all my sotries n complaints n alwaz tells me directly wat's on her mind. Thanks, Amanda! I love u 2!

I bet both of them knows me very well, inside out.

So, how well does he know me? He failed d test! Let's see how's his result in near future.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So many birthdays in May!!!

Wow, almost a month since I last blog.

First, let's wish a loud Happy Birthday to Daniel Chew, whose bday falls on 2nd May.

The notti bday boy!

Bday boy + family

Bday boy + popo

Bday boy + leng lui yiyi

Ice Cream Black Forest wit Pikachu on top

Then there's Micht's bday on 7th, Ken's bday on 10th, Ying's bday on 11th, Bean's bday on 13th, Kah Yee's bday on 14th, El's bday on 16th, Wai Kit bday on 17th and Chris bday on 22nd.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ALL of u May's babies!!!

I think my mom's bday is also somewher in May n last weekend v oni went to 118 food court @ pandan perdana 2 for dinner. Bro + KC bot a very nice mango moose cake for mom *aww, so sweet*. Anyway, v alwaz bring mom out for nice dinner n v dun wanna go for expensive n tasteless food on tat special day. plus, v alwaz love mom so it's not oni special on Mother's Day but on daily basis (kinda :P)