Thursday, July 29, 2010

Riding Ken's motorbike

I just had an adrenaline rush experience riding Ken’s motorbike for 1st time. Imagine riding on an old motorbike one hour to fro Ampang and Jalan Sultan Ismail. My company jz received a chq which need to b bank in immediately. Initially I propose 2 go by my Kancil but he said he will b late coming home to work so v decided to go on his motorbike lor.

D last I rode on a bike was about 20++ years ago. I’ve alwaz tot tat riding bike was extremely dangerous, u r very exposed to harm. I do enjoyed adventurous rides coz I know they r safe but there’s no safety belt for motor riding rite?

I’m exhausted for having d need to clutch onto Ken, wrinkling his t-shirt. I’m very afraid of losing my legs when he try 2 slot his bike, his small self and d elephant me thru d narrow spaces between cars. There’s also about 5.2 million times when I’m afraid tat d sidewalks might scratch my toes when he goes to near. Another 20 million times I was scared that he drove too fast and v might crash. Not to forget the 2.1million times when I felt d helmet was about to fly off from my small head and all d time I feel d hot sun burning and making me 200 times tanner than I already am.

Anyway, I was safely bak @ office liao, chq was banked in. He even called to check if I’m ok. Sometimes he can b sweet n caring although most of d time he’s extremely blur, no idea even when he makes me burning on fire. But Ken n I are talking now . Although my head still got a bit spinning, dunno bcoz I’m high o over scared but my mood is better than jz now.

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