Monday, August 9, 2010

Photoclub organised 波德申情人桥 ♥

Last Sunday 08.08.2010, co-organised a 波德申情人桥 Lover's Bridge @ Port Dickson. About 20 photographers participated in the contest and there are 5 consolation prizes, a 2nd runner up, a 1st runner up and a champion.
Ken and I wakes up at 5.45am, leaving Ampang at 6.20am on 08.08.2010 Sunday morning. We reached Port Dickson's Sunshine Bay Resort where all the contestants and organisers stayed overnite and got drunk a day before.

Prawn + Ken @ Sunshine Bay Resort

Curi d prize for best couple awhile 2 take photo of Ken + prawn

After breakfast, all gathered near the bridge around 8.30am and the skies look gloomy and v can hear thunders. Make up artist Janice and make up artist cum photographer Coolmiaoer!/profile.php?id=595977990 starts to put ICI on d gal models' faces. There are total 4 couples so contestants were divided into 4 groups. Each group are suppose to have about half an hour with each couples but due to rain, most groups only captured about 2 couples.

d other couples captured by Ken

Each contestants send in 4 photos (unedited soft copy) for judge Sam Yong (!/samyong228?ref=ts), Littar Tan (!/profile.php?id=724686655&v=info&ref=nfand) and organiser BlueWind to select the final winners.

Below are submissions from Ken:

And below submission is what makes him a winner, d couples look normal even under d fish eye lense and it suits d theme of lover bridge and nice background.

Of coz I jeles he took such a nice pix of this couple but our own pix oso ok so I can't get mad @ him especially he promised 2 treat me ice cream this month end (hinting Baskin Robbins 31).

Prawn + 30, d 1st runner up

More pixs of me:

A small durian look alike seed

Btw, this is also d place where Rain + Kean Seng took their pre-wedding pixs. Nice place, soon 2 b popular wedding shooting location.

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