Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hoong's bday + Great Family Weekend

After the Genting trip, it's now time 2 spend more time wit family. Sat v went 2 TGIF @ 1 Utama 2 celebrate Hoong's bday. V purposely choose TGIF coz v wan them 2 sing bday song n embarrass Hoong. The food was nice n every1 was laffing.

All of us wit d burp birthday boy (except me, who's taking this pix)

burp birthday boy + mom + pretty sisters

Daniel's fav Spaghetti

 Macaroni & cheese

Kid's fish & chips

Strawberry milkshake + KC's weird drink

Grilled Lamb Chop

Adults Fish & chips

Jack Daniel's Beef Steak

burp birthday boy + mom

Daniel + KC + burp birthday boy, Hoong + Cecilia

Tat nite, Daniel stayed over @ my hse, obviously bcoz he wanna play Wii. Mom, KC + prawn played mahjong while Daniel + Hoong was playing wii.

Sunday v went 2 Lot 10 Food Court, KL for dinner + Low Yat for Wii Games CD. It is said tat "Choy Lan" a fat man who got famous eating lotsa nice things have selected all d best food in KL 2 b placed under 1 roof, which is Lot 10 food court. From blogs tat KC read reviews d pork knuckle and beef noodle as 1 of d most recommended food. V ordered porridges, bak kut teh, mango dessert, wan tan mee etc. Personally, I love d beef noodle.

Mango dessert

Jap dumpling

Assorted Beef parts + soup (Yummy)

Minced Beef + vege (Yummy)

Minced Beef Noodles (Yummy!)

Pork Knuckle

Pork Knuckle wit sauce + custard

Tearing up d crispy skin

When v reached Low Yat's d placed is closing n v rushed in 2 get d Wii Games CD. V r so lucky v got it. This weekend if d kids' exams r over, v will b crazy playing Wii games. kekeke, can't wait!

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