Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hong Kong and Macau

It has been awhile since I last blogged. I jz came bak from Hong Kong and totally love Hong Kong Disneyland. The week b4 I start Hong Kong trip, I was really bz wit work + Uncle Vincent & Aunty Sunny was in Msia (I brought them to Lookout Point and they totally love it) + tonnes of work for YB & DI's training @ OPSOC, Singapore.

I got lots 2 blog about but being d forgetful me, this will oni b summary of wat's actually happened.

Well, Uncle Vincent + Aunty Sunny was here from Sydney. Mom & them went visiting n shopping but last Mon nite, I drove mom + grandma + Uncle Vincent + Aunty Sunny to Lookout Point. Grandma was really sporting & I hope she enjoyed herself. Tues they went 2 Penang and I start packing to go to Hong Kong on Wed.

Lau Kam fetch me ard 3.00am and then Tracy & v waited for Carine + Lai @ his hse. Lai was really nice as he drove us 2 airport & fetch us from airport on Sunday nite.

It was ard lunch time v reach Hong Kong n loaded all our luggages @ Lee's room. He's such a gentleman by coming down 2 d hotel lobby 2 greet us n help us wit our luggages. After lunch wit Lee, v went 2 Macau by ferry. V checked in into Venetian, d room was really grand n nice. D toilet itself is already bigger than our Harbour Hotel, Hong Kong hotel room. V r very lucky coz Lau Kam won some monie @ Venetian, Macau's casino so he asked us not 2 pay him d room rental. V had portugese meal as dinner but it was f**king expensive n not so nice. V did try some new things like a salted but fresh codfish called "mar kah yau" aka bacalhau n some cheese ciken and crabs n drumstick of a piglet. Then v went 2 Ruins of St. Paul, usually known as "Great Sanba Archway" or "tai san ba". V took some pixs. V also ate the local famous milk steam egg puding. It was extremely cold n all 3 of us r wrapped in jackets n shawl but poor lau kam he's oni in normal short sleeves t-shirt.

Thurs afternoon jz b4 v check out from Venetian, Cath + Edwin + Seng came 2 visit our grand hotel room. kekeke V went window shopping @ Venetian's Grand Cannal Shoppes and Four Seasons (a very luxurious, all branded shoppes). I bot some Naraya bags for d gals. After making payments then oni I notice tat they r originated n manufactured @ Thailand, which is extremely stupid bcoz I'll b goin 2 BKK in July. FML. V went bak 2 tai san ba with Cath + Edwin + Seng n took some pixs but d Great Sanba Archway is differ in d nite n day time. V ate some pork pau n portugese tarts then v leave for Hong Kong.

V reach Hong Kong 2 check in into our hotel n went 2 watch the symphony of lights aka d world's largest permanent light and sound show at 8pm. The building of both sides of d Victoria Harbour will b lite up in differ colors as if they r dancing in accordance to the music. It was really amazing and I wondered how all d buildings (ard 40 buildings from both side of d Victoria Harbour) communicate and synchronise this great performance. It is a must c n I'm glad v went 2 this FOC show although it was freaking cold.

After d show, v went 2 Avenue of Stars aka d "Sing Kwong Dai Tou" wit lotsa hand prints of famous stars. V took some funny pixs esp @ d Bruce Lee statue. Photoes will b loaded once I got it from Carine. Then v had steamboat buffet. After tat, v went 2 a few floors above 2 club wit Lee + Yi Chian + Don + Coey Hong Kong's frens. Their clubs/pubs r a bit differ than ours. They pay entre fee of HKD100++ n they get free flow. I rugi a bit here coz I know if I were drunk, d next day will b hell for me n it's scheduled 2 b Disneyland n i dun wan it 2 suck. Unfortunately, Carine got drunk. kekeke usually she's a great drinker but imagine her drinking a shoort called "laughing gor" mix wit Hoegaarden mix wit "wai luk" aka whiskey + green tea mix wit "wai sui" (like very geng name, kekeke) aka whiskey + water, no wonder she's drunk n make us change our plan from Disneyland 2 Tung Chung building aka d branded outlet mall. Half way thru clubbing, Lau Kam + me went 4 foot massage coz I have no idea how I hurt my ankle but it was in extremely pain condition. It's about HKD100 for 50mins per person. After d massage, v saw a Lamborghini in yellow wit car plate GAMES. cute hor. v took pix. kekeke

Fri: V din went 2 Disneyland as scheduled coz v were all tired n wake up late + Carine was drunk :P. V went 2 Tung Chung, a branded outlet's mall where all d branded r on sales n very cheap. Carine + I bot myself a Armani Exchange jacket at HKD150. Tracy + Carine bot Coach bags @ HKD1900 which cost them RM2400++ if they were 2 buy d same thing @ KL. It's a great bargain but I'm jz not @ tat level. Sam tung ar if buy so expensive. Oh, earlier I bot a pair of Puma sports shoes near our hotel. Their streets' name r funny. something like sai yeong choy road (jz like in d movie 72 tenants) and se yau kai kekeke aka soy sauce. kekeke. After Tung Chung, v went 2 The Peak Trem. V took d cable car/trem up n went into Madame Tussauds's Wax Museum. V took numerous funny pix of those wax ppl n laffed ourself crazy, oh, I get 2 kiss Andy Lau here n molested Nicole Kidman. V had Bubba Gump n it was really nice.

Sat: Finally after breakfast, v took trains to Disneyland. They even have their own trains which is extremely cute wit mickey's shape's windows. I bot a Mickey t-shirt for him n a Minnie t-shirt for myself, hoping this will b our couple t-shirt. Clothes for Cecilia and Daniel, puzzle key chain for mom, a cute Stitch's hand/glove key chain for May n a Mickey's couple handphone tag for Amanda. Things r VERY EXPENSIVE so I din buy a lot. Then v had fun watching d show n parade. There's a 4D theather n it's really funny. Unlike 3D where u can hear n see n feel like touching it, wit 4D, u can smell it n u feel d wind/breeze as well. It's really nice n I'm hoping 2 bring Cecilia + Daniel here 1 day. kekeke There's also this adventurous space ride where v ride it twice. D 2nd time, Lau Kam + I pose for d flash/camera but Carine dinno about it. She's so blur. Anyway, even if she posed, she knot b seen coz she's covered by Lau Kam's big size. kekeke

After Disneyland, v went bak 2 meet Lee + Yi Chian, had dinner 2gether wit Lee's HK fren. Carine followed them 2 sing karaoke, took pix n show us tat their k room is extremely small. kekeke meanwhile, v went bak 2 our hotel room 2 pack. Tracy chated wit me while I try 2 pak my things till 1.30am.

Sun: Morning after breakfast, v walked around those lui yan kai, boh hai kai etc, did some last min shopping n gather bak @ hotel wit Lee + his mom + his sis + his sis's fren + Yi Chian + her parents, waiting for taxi 2 bring us 2 airport. @ airport v did some last last min shopping @ levis. I shud have bot tat jeans, really regret I din. Look for Ken's magazine (no, it's not porn) but unfortunately din find it. Reach KL, waited for Lai 2 fetch us, dinner, raining n reach home. Unpack those dirty clothes for mom 2 wash, zzz. I know, I'm lucky. I love her 2.

Mon: went out movie wit him. Watched d boring Green Zone. It was very cold in d cinema n he holds my hands. It seems ok, mayb bcoz it was dark in d cinema, I knot imagine any intimate moments wit him but there r also times when he makes my heart skip a beat.

Tue: Winsen came treat me dinner but no souvenir from Bali, oni silly jokes. I bot him a pink Bossini polo tee he asked me dun buy him anymore clothes, he got more than he can wear. :P

Great trip esp wit so many frens 2gether. Oni unlucky is my poor ankle now still pain. Can't wait 2 look @ those pix n laff myself crazy.

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