Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feb babies bday celebrations + Genting Highland CNY 2010

Last Thurs nite, many of us gather @ Carine hse 2 celebrate February - born -  babies bday celebration which is mine on 12th, KC's on 25th n Carine's on 26th.

February babies

Gal's pix + Group pix

On Fri after lunch, Brenda, Pauline + Cason, Catherine, Carine + Lai, Lau Kam and myself went 2 Genting Highlands. It has been ages since I last went 2 Genting. When v were schooling, v alwaz planned trips 2 Genting 2gether. It was a good idea bcoz it was damn hot in KL but unfortunately I wasn't feeling so well thus I vomited on d way up (Sorry Cason) and feeling like wanna vomit again on d way down (Sorry Lau Kam). I've long known tat I will feel dizzy goin up n down all those turnings @ Genting + Cameron but this time I felt really bad. My head is spinning and I can't even talk. Sorry guys if I spoilt ur trip.

Reached d peak, v went 2 Coffee Bean n all of us ordered ice blended. Hong (who was there wit his family) came 2 join us for a drink. He got some casino chips worth RM500 and RM100. Most of us who never see those b4 took some funny pixs. Best awards goes 2 Pauline, whom initial idea is 2 cover her eyes wit it but I can't find tat pix. kekeke


After tat, Brenda, Cath, Carine + prawn went shopping while d guys + Pauline tried their luck @ casino. V took so many pixs wit Carine's camera and I bot a pair of shoes + a pair of earings there. It's really cute, white high heals wit a small blue ribbon and a love pendant in front. The earings are red ribbons.

When v were leaving Genting for dinner @ Janda Baik, I kept on saying sorry 2 Lau Kam, genuinely feeling embarrassing for all d trouble tat he gotta drive slower than his usual speed n also bcoz he gotta stop whenever I feel like vomitting. But he said out a very direct truth (truth really hurts) tat makes me think n vow 2 b better. He said, no need so hak hey, if I'm ur bf, sure u scold me gaw gaw liao. Secretly in my heart I know wat he said is VERY TRUE. I hope in future if I get a bf, I will b nice n polite 2 him as how I treat my frens. I must keep on reminding myself tat he dun owe it 2 me 2 b good 2 me n I really gotta appreciate him. Thanks Lau Kam for tat wake up call although I really no energy 2 fight wit u. B4 this oso, Tracy Ooi + I oso discuss on this topic where she gave me such advise b4. Thanks Tracy & I hope our friendship remains long & u will alwaz remind me of this advise. Hugs!

Then v went 2 Janda Baik for a restaurant recommended by Pauline. D food there was superb and Lau Kam + Cason treat us coz they won @ casino. Yeah! Thanks, dudes!

V had:
1. 4 steam prawns wit slightly wine flavor (each of us get half of d big 生虾).
2. Ciken
3. Fish
4. Tin kai (frog)
5. Vege + crispy pork slice
6. Vege
7. Tauhu
Total is about RM250.00


It was a nice trip except tat I wasn't feeling 2 well.

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