Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's feels like kids again with puppy love + sisterhood + sec skool frenship

Monday v went movie again. This time v watch 3D How to train your dragon. D animation & graphic is great but d story line is ok lar. There r a few parts it's really funny. But I still think Avatar, being my 1st 3D movie is d best. I'm waiting for 3D Alice in Wonderland this weekend for comparison.

Previously v watch Green Zone @ TGV Cheras Selatan n it was f**king cold. This time he brought a jacket for me but v decided 2 leave it in d car coz I brought shawl. It wasn't cold but once in awhile he will check if my hands have any goosebumps. There will b times he squeezes my hands @ certain touching scenes. Out from the cinema v r walking like usual. He will try to put his hands on my shoulders n when I complaint it's heavy, he will move it 2 my waist, which is very weird coz it jz feels weird.

In car, he wanna try 2 hold my hands again but bcoz I was talking and gesturing, he missed my hands. But when I lean my head on his shoulder, he catches my hands again. My heart skipped a beat. I dunno y, v used 2 stand close n hugged briefly b4 but I've never had such feeling. I wonder how he feel?

Bee Ling & I used 2 b very close when v were young. I used 2 tell her all my secrets. Even now v dun share as much secrets, but I think v r still consider close. I love her kids (Cecilia + Daniel) as if they r mine. I remember long time ago she had an Indian bf n they brought me 2 Hard Rock Cafe. I still wonder how I can get in when I was underage. I also used 2 steal use her stuff (ie make ups etc) without telling her n was so afraid when I spoilt it. There r also times when she punished me 2 "gwai dei zhi kung" like squatting in front of d praying table but I forgot liao wat was my mistake. Last week, I asked Daniel can I punish u like tat? He said he's scared n dun like it. D deepest memories wud b she knock my hand when she train me 2 write my mandarin name. kekeke Although I dun share secrets wit her anymore but I still consider v r close n good. I love our family bonding time 2gether. She's my 1 n oni sis n I love her.

Last Sun I was at Summit USJ for Angel Tng Siew Wai's wedding dinner. I was alone, I dinno anybody until Andy Mervin show up. In tat table of 10, v oni know each other, wondering y she never invited other skool mates. Andy & I tokked about some of our skool frens. I consider myself lucky coz I m still closely in contact wit not oni 1 but 2 gangs of sec skool frens. 1st gang is d gang tat went 2 HK trip 2gether (including those who din go HK this gang: Carine, Cath, Chris, Tracy, Lau Kam, Heng + Lai), 2nd gang is St John's gang (including some not from our skool: Ma Tze Lung + Ying, Choon Meng + Rachael, Kean Seng + Rain, Jeffrey + Amily, Ming & Ken). V have been frens for so long n all these years v r close. I truly appreciate our frenships.

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