Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So many birthdays in May!!!

Wow, almost a month since I last blog.

First, let's wish a loud Happy Birthday to Daniel Chew, whose bday falls on 2nd May.

The notti bday boy!

Bday boy + family

Bday boy + popo

Bday boy + leng lui yiyi

Ice Cream Black Forest wit Pikachu on top

Then there's Micht's bday on 7th, Ken's bday on 10th, Ying's bday on 11th, Bean's bday on 13th, Kah Yee's bday on 14th, El's bday on 16th, Wai Kit bday on 17th and Chris bday on 22nd.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ALL of u May's babies!!!

I think my mom's bday is also somewher in May n last weekend v oni went to 118 food court @ pandan perdana 2 for dinner. Bro + KC bot a very nice mango moose cake for mom *aww, so sweet*. Anyway, v alwaz bring mom out for nice dinner n v dun wanna go for expensive n tasteless food on tat special day. plus, v alwaz love mom so it's not oni special on Mother's Day but on daily basis (kinda :P)

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