Thursday, May 20, 2010

3rd time hiking Sg Lembing

Last sunday, Ken, Kin Ming, Suzanne and I went to Sg Lembing. The photoclub gang was there a day before us and went to Rainbow Waterfall, which is in my list of next places to visit.

Let's fall in love with this lovely Rainbow Waterfall from pixs below:
Pix courtesy Justin Yeong

Pix courtesy Steven Ma

Pix courtesy Justin Yeong

And pix from the peak of Sg Lembing (all pix below are courtesy from Ken Chen)
Amazing sun rays
Beds of clouds
Taiwan style of posing 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
His + Hers
We departed from KL around 1am and reached Sg Lembing in time to meet up wit Tze Lung, Choon Meng and other photoclub's gang to start the journey up almost 5am. It took us about 45 mins to reach the peak, where many people has gather, waiting for the sun to rise.

prawn + Clovis + Suzanne + Kin Ming (Pix courtesy Steven Ma) 
Clearer view of Sg Lembing (Pix courtesy Steven Ma)

Again, it's a bit disappointed as I've never successfully catch the "ham dan wong" but still the scenery never failed to impress me, especially this is the first time I'm there with him as couple. I think the big bed of clouds are not as big and thick as they are few years back. I wonder if our Mother Earth are sick of us human polluting her.

After lotsa photo shoots by many skillful photographers, we headed down, back to their guest house for rest and a refreshing bath.

Later we went to the town, East Coast Mall to lepak while waiting to go to Choon Meng's friend's house. His mom was so kind to prepare us a very nice chicken meal.

We headed back toward KL around 4pm. Ken and I took turns to drive while Kin Ming and Suzanne logged in into their piggy mode. *Stupid me, should have take some of their pig shots*

Oh, let's not forget that I had a short crush on a nice young gentleman. I noticed him when we were at the guest house. He has been kind enough to offer me his Super Ring snack and allowed me to steal his Kinder Bueno chocolate. I asked Ken for his number but Ken was jealous. Nevertheless, I got hold of him through facebook, msn and finally his mobile number. *Ken, I still got it* :P

Ok, ok, let's not forget the whole group of new friends that I made. They are just as great.

It was a VERY tiring trip for me as I didn't sleep at all for 2 nights consequencely and I didn't get to sleep early.

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