Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How well do u know me?

I wonder how well a fren shud know about a fren? How well shud a bf knows about his gf?

I prefer pink over other colors and I do not eat mushrooms.
I think many ppl knows about these. Most close frens knows tat my mom raises me up, takes good care of me, I have a sister married wit 2 kids (whom I called them my own) and a brother. Most ppl knows wher did d name prawn comes from.

Last fri, in a normal conversation wit my love 1, I realise he tot I was born in d year of Monkey. I've alwaz known he dinno how 2 spell my name but how can he not know my age n date me?

Tat makes me wonder if he really has feeling for me o if he ever really cares. I was so sad, cried, couldn't zzz. Heartache ma. Well, he did said sorry n try 2 learn, I forgive him coz it has been 10 years since he last paktoh.

This incident makes me realise tat I had good frens whom will not mind if I called her in d middle of d nite 2 cry and when she wakes up @ 6.30 in d morning, she'll ask if i get any zzz n if i wanna have breakfast. Thanks, May! Another good frens whom doesn't mind having early breakfast wit me at McD although she zzz late d nite b4 and has 2 rush 2 work after meeting me. She gotta listen 2 all my sotries n complaints n alwaz tells me directly wat's on her mind. Thanks, Amanda! I love u 2!

I bet both of them knows me very well, inside out.

So, how well does he know me? He failed d test! Let's see how's his result in near future.

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