Monday, May 24, 2010

Things to buy for one nite stay @ Genting Ria Apartment

Yeah, dun tell me. I know Genting Ria Apartment got ghost. I wud like to pretend tat I dunno o tat's not true. Yes, I'm very scared of ghost but it's ok becoz I'll be staying there for oni one nite with my new love and a whole group of crazy ppl, whom I assume will be drunk.

Although this is a near (2 Genting oni) n short (1 nite stay oni) trip but it took almost 4ever 2 months for Ying and I 2 plan, 2 beg ask everybody if they want 2 join and booked d apartment. Yday, Tze Lung, Ying, Ken and I went to Jusco Cheras Selatan 2 buy stuffs 4 this trip. Lucky we had Ying wit us as she really knows what we need n what to buy n amount we will need.

We bot 3 cans of different flavor's tuna spread, a can of curry ciken (especially for Choon Meng, jz bcoz he doesn't like tuna), a dozen of instant noodles in cup, 4 bottles of Cokes as mixer, some chips, a pack of napkins, a pack of MILO n etc.

Oh, although 2day is oni Monday, I can't wait for Thurs 2 come and then d weekend 4 us 2 go 2 Genting. kekeke!!!

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