Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day of anger

2day is really terrible that I jz gotta blog about it.

This morn mom again nagged me for coughing n not drinking d cough syrup. The medicine is so bitter I think it's expired. So, I leave home for office about 10 mins earlier than usual 2 avoid continuous of nagging attack. Due 2 jam, I reach office about d same time as usual.

Then, when I wanted to arrange for Thurs nite @ Carine hse 2 celebrate her bday n also Fri lou sang dinner, she was complaining why is it so late 2 send out sms. 1st, I was waiting for her 2 provide me wit d details, so I can hit 2 birds wit 1 stone ma (by sending our 2 invitations in 1 sms n yes I'm kiasu). 2nd, most of us know about it orally, v've been passing words ard. Dunno wat gotten into her, so bad mood tat she wanna cancel off d whole thing after scolding me for not sending d sms 2 get attendance earlier. But according 2 Catherine, now it's on again. Wonder if I shud go, I scared she will show me black face esp I'm @ her hse, her territory ma.

Jz caring for Carine: Y r u so bad temper recently? 2day is not d 1st time. Last week @ G6 oso u throw tantrum by scolding a guy (who is also a jerk) who came into our VIP room 2 answer a phone call & also scold Bryan aka fren os Ashley n Coey. I dun mind u got angry @ me coz v were frens for so long, I know u r short temper for short time oni, u can't b mad @ me 4ever but if u need some1 2 share ur stress, I'm here, ok? But most probably u dun read this coz u dunno about d existance of this blog. Perhaps I'll let u know later, after u cool down a bit.

After tat msn conversations, my boss again giving me problem. He's a very nasty n stingy boss but I tolerate him coz d pay is consider good and I'm oni working 5 days wit access 2 internet for blogging n fb n msn. :P

Well, let's hope after this things will go smoother.

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