Thursday, June 3, 2010

Genting & Baskin Robbins

Sat nite after Ken finished his job as wedding videographer @ Pandan Lake Club, I fetch him home n waited for him 2 pack 4 Genting. As v r getting late, I nagged n rushed him a bit but he replied harshly “Don’t rush me” n d usual manja me jz sit there quietly, waiting 4 him 2 pujuk me.

Surprisingly, not oni did he not pujuk me, in d car, he was very angry n scolded me for rushing him n getting mad, alwaz wanna b pujuk. I was heart broken thinking tat I used 2 throw tantrums n all bad temper but now, I oni wanna b manja but all I got was scoldings.

After fetching 3 0, Ken n I still din tok till v reached Genting at about 2am. V had some wines n watch “Super Cheong Mun Yan” n chit chat n played Jinga. V all slept at about 4++. Gals in 1 room while d boys r in d other room n Tze Lung n Ming r sleeping in d living room. I woke up ard 7++ n slipped on d bed next 2 Ken. He was sharing d bed wit 3 0.

After breakfast of breads, milo n instant noodles, v went 2 take some pix @ d garden n temples. Then v went 2 Fun OK Cafe @ Tmn Connaught. Ken n I wore d couple t-shirts (of Mickey and Minnie) tat I bot from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Gals @ Menara Pahang

Ken + prawn Couple posing in front our rental apartment

prawn is acting cute

3 0 + prawn in James Bond pose

Not so sexy back

One of my fav pix coz v look so playful & happy

couple pix @ d garden

Group pix
On 31st March, d day I agreed 2 b his gf, I told him that I wanna buy Baskin Robbin’s ice cream coz they r having this 31% discount on all their ice creams promotion. I remembered it was Wednesday, where he was opening stall @ Tmn Connaught. On the phone, he asked me, when will b d next promotion n I answered 31st monthly. He checked his calendar n told me tat May 31st is a Monday (his off day) n made a promise 2 bring me 2 Baskin Robbins.

Of coz I remembered he make such promise but I din say a word. But he surprise me by reminding me of our ice cream date. I wanted 2 bot d tixs for Prince of Persia online but they are charging additional RM0.50 per tix. Seeing tat there r still lotsa empty seats, I decided 2 booked n queue 4 d tix. V went 2 Leisure Mall on Monday, bot movie tixs for Prince of Persia but skipped dinner coz v were late.

D story is about Prince Dastan (a bit handsome but no royal blood) and Princess Tamina (d sands of time's guardian) stopping Prince Dastan's evil uncle 2 turn bak time where Prince Dastan's father aka d king will b killed which will then make his uncle as king. As usual d lead actor n d good will alwaz defeat d evil and won d love of d princess. I think there r some parts which r very kuah cheong (extreme) but overall, it's a nice movie coz got romance n love ma. But Ken's kinda into it's storyline n asked me lotsa questions. He said now it's good 2 watch English movies coz I'll b there 2 explain 2 him. I wonder how long he can test my patients b4 I shout @ him. kekeke

After d movie, at ard 9.30pm, v started queing for Baskin Robbins. Initially v ordered a pint which they allow us 2 mix 2 flavors, but d guy who serve us said tat if v order quart, he will let us mix 3 flavors. I wanted Rum and Raisin but finished so V choosed Mango Tango, Strawberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter n Chocolate n it’s all yummy (except for Mango Tango coz it’s choosen by Ken n I dun really prefer sour flavor). Ken paid ard RM33++ for 700gram of YUMMY ice cream.

Mango Tango, Strawberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter n Chocolate

Ken said it’s d 1st time he ate such expensive ice cream but I remembered long time ago, d 4 college buddies (Amanda, May, Yvonne & myself) , Lai, Bean n Ken shared Baskin Robbins @ MV b4. Anyway, poor Ken coz he has been using so much monie lately. He paid 4 all my Genting expenses n yday’s movie n ice cream.

Thanks 4 having d heart 2 remember this promise n spoiling me wit d luxuries of spending time wit u. Muaks!

Now, let's count down 2 d next 31st. I wonder if he will still spoil me :P

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