Friday, June 4, 2010

Me 1st time celebrate Ken's bday as his partner

Yeah, this is not suppose 2 b a new post but he jz gave me these pixs 2 days ago n i have no idea wat n how 2 edit so, here's a raw shots of his bday celebration.

His bday was on 10th May, Monday. Since he doesn't have 2 work on Mon, so I planned 2 got off work on time n fetch him 2 Delicious @ Dua Residency Jalan Tun Razak. I had make booking a week before his big day. On Monday, I skipped lunch and with kind help from Winsen who fetch me to and fro office and Delicious Restaurant (n i dun even have time 2 lunch wit him), I dropped Ken's bday present (d Sensonic GPS bot from PC fair) n select a slice of bday cake 4 him, a piece of Macadamia cheesecake. Yummy!

Ken's bday present is d pretty gal GPS :P

It was terrible jam, @ 6pm++ jz after office hours n I was f**king hungry coz I din had lunch n was very excited, fetched Ken, his bday ma so I was his chauffeur for d nite lor head towards CITY CENTRE Jalan Tun Razak. Shots some pix, ordered Carbonara Spaghettini, Pan Sear Cod, Prawn Cocktails, Mango SmoothieWatermelon juice. When v finished d meal, d waitress deliver d cake n Ken's bday present n sang bday song 2 him. I hope he had a nice surprise!!!

bday boy @ delicious

aww, I heart these

Ken ask me 2 pose hiau geh

prawn (not me) cocktail wit lotsa nice, fresh n crispy vege

our drinks n carbonara (no mushroom geh)


bday present, boy + cake

very full, almost knot finish

it's not haunted, actually very nice ambience

After dinner, v went 2 Sky Bar coz I tot he wud like 2 take some pix there. @ Sky Bar, he had Raised In Manhattan while I choose Lychee Rose Martini.

I know it's not about me but I look slim so I pose my pix :P

Hope he likes d surprise I prepared

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