Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raining weekends makes them cancel my Broga hike

It was 4.15am when I heard the heavy rain pouring and when alarms set off at 4.30am, the rain stop. I called Caryn but she said her place, Sg Long no rain so I wash up waiting for Ming to fetch Ken and me. When I was wearing my socks and shoes, Caryn called and upon discussion with Ming, they decided to call off the Broga hiking as the skies are red and her place Sg Long can hear thunder. So our sleeps continues.

Later in the afternoon, Ken and I went shopping at Carrefour and we saw this cheap set of bed + mattress. Although he doesn't like the mattress coz it's too hard but I think the bed frame's design is ok, price is affordable but wonders if it's really needed or feasible to buy it. Btw, Ken got very GOOD TASTE coz the mattresses he prefers are all over RM1k++. *Hinting he got good taste in choosing good gf :P *

                     Tat's not me on the bed                                 Tat's not us fooling around

Recently we are furniture shopping coz he wanted to furbish his room and make some changes like from single bed to double bed and etc etc :P. We are looking at bed, mirror (for me) and small cupboard, 1 wall to be painted in pink and he even suggest the window wall coz he wanted to hang pink color curtain . We haven't bought anything yet as I wanted him to clean his room a bit before deciding what to buy and how to have all these things place in his room.

Let me leak a secret out. My room is as messy as his. kekeke Imagine how my mom will shout at me if she founds out that I help Ken to clean his room nice and tidy while my own room and table is messy. kekeke

Just cancel and make some plans for the weekend. The trip that I wanted so badly for Ken and I got postpone again. Last weekend we are suppose to go Penang but cancel coz Clovis was sick, this weekend wanted to go Ipoh or Malacca but no response from others and I know for sure you all will ask why not go just the two of us, why must include the whole gang or some other couple. Reasons are I thought it will be a bit boring going vacation just the two of us and we can do that anytime. Since we have time this weekend, perhaps we will clean his room again and go for some furniture's window shopping. Plus, I got yumcha with ADT gang on friday (just confirm after half an hour of shitty chat with Leong Tak Yee and Marcus Yap Choong Way) and saturday will be Alice Low's house warming at Sg Buloh and second round belated celebration of Kew Shee Hing's bday.

Then the next week I'll be off to Bangkok. Yeah!!!

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