Friday, June 11, 2010

To Do List for 2nd half of 2010

With 24 weeks past for year 2010, I thought I'll make a list of things to do or want to do for the balance 28 weeks. Let's plan 6 things to get it done by this year.

1. Romantic getaway, doesn't have to be far, just want to be with him for a day or two

2. Save enough downpayment and to source for a car (changing my kancil)

3. Maintain my weight less than 50kg, now it's about 48kg (Update 13.08.2010: I gained weight. Now i'm 50kg) :(

4. Learn photoshop and/or photoscape
5. Swim/Jog/Hike twice a month (Broga)

6. Gals only trip with my BFF, scheduled in July

But this weekend is also another busy weekend. Tomorrow I'll accompany Ying to choose her wedding gown, then yumcha wit BFF and most probably yumchau wit some old buddies.

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