Friday, January 22, 2010

CNY Feel

Last week I went to Nichii warehouse sales @ Shamelin. All together, I’ve bot 4 dresses, 5 tops, mom bot a top (which doesn’t really suit her but she said she will go on diet) and sis bot a top and a legging which bills to a little bit more than RM200.00. I also bump into Kuki choosing dress for her “special” event, dunno she manage 2 get o not. My mom said she’s very thin, again teasing my recent weight gained. I also went 2 pasar malam last nite & bot another dress.

There’s oledi a lot of red colors decorations & CNY music everywhere & lotsa red color & CNY style clothes r seen everywhere. I saw a lot of cookies which I wanna eat (not KUKI) & I can’t wait 2 eat kam aka mandarin oranges. Mom said this year v will fry loose crabstick. Yummy!!!

Can’t wait for CNY.

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