Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unlucky Friday nite tat makes me realise I'm lucky

After work I m all ready 2 go out 2 meet Sonny, Alice + David. Although jam for 2.5 hours from Ampang to Atria, PJ but seeing them makes it all worth it. V drink, eat a bit, laff a lot n sang some songs, Sonny is d oni 1 who sang while Alice echoed. When it's time 2 go home, David noticed my headlights is on. Damn. I was rushing out coz 1st I'm late, 2nd it's boring after 2.5 hours in car facing d stupid jam.

David tried 2 jump start my car battery (Kelisa) using his car battery (City) but not successful so I call bro lor. Sigh, feel bad actually have 2 mafan him everytime i got car prob. He came all d way 2 PJ 2 help me in d middle of d nite, almost 12++ when all finish. Bro came and jump start using his car n lucky it is ok liao. When I reach home, I purposely off d engine n restart, lucky no prob else mom will kill me. Anyway, I know she will sam tung 1st I use his son's service for free n 2nd I so careless n leave d lights on.

I think I shall repay my bro by not getting him 2 pay for KC n his Bangkok flight tixs. It's also bcoz I love him. He's not perfect but he's a good bro. I ain't heavy, I'm his sister :P Dunno he think d same o not?

This incident let me know tat I alwaz have a good bro tat I can rely on n frens tat will not leave me alone. David Chia, thanks a lot for helping me out.

I went for ear candling yday b4 I cut my hair :P. It's oni half an hour n frankly speaking, I enjoyed d massage while waiting 4 d waxed cloth 2 burn more. My left ear shows tat I am a bit tired but my right ear shows tat my right side is very tired n stressed. I guess it's bcoz I'm right handed n mostly rely on my right hand + shoulder. It's a good experience, 1st trial :P

Then I cut my hair for RM20.00. Chris saloon has changed boss, named Andy but he seems like very bz n all other boys seems like really young n beginer so I move on 2 another saloon. Btw, Andy charge RM17.00 to cut hair most probably doesn't include washing. I went into few other saloon n mostly r priced @ RM35 to RM40.

3 years ago, I still have my very long hair, straight, then 2 years ago I had bob hair, last year I bombed my hair n this year I cut it short again. Dunno if this look can stay till after CNY coz I'm out of style very fast coz not good @ taking k of it.

KC Mom's Bday Oct 2007 (Very Long Hair)

Kath Wedding Sept 2008

CNY 2009 @ Fimaco

2day @ PJ Club

But I'll try not 2 cut my hair as I wanna have a shoulder length hair tat I can tie up a bit. Alwaz short hair so this year wanna keep a long hair liao. Let c if I can do tat.

Btw, I jz notice everybody who takes pix wit me alwaz look fairer except for Kew Shee Heng :P

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