Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mr. Right

Reading this article from msn: makes me realise this is true. The world is so big, there are so many ppl in this world, takkan there is oni 1 guy suitable for me. There must b a few and comes with differ offer lar.

Still I'm still considering of grabing this "not so perfect" mr right bean n try 2 work things out. As said, nobody is perfect n this time + many of other times, it wasn't his fault. I shud b more considerate 2 him like I did 2 d other husbandlover "mr. mayb rite"  :P He is not d perfect mr. right but mayb v can work things.

It's obvious isn't it. After so much tok, I'm still giving him chance. I guess he's d same 2, he still keep on sending me sms, not giving up YET. & yes, tat's all he did, oni sms + sometimes calls which I've never answer for a month long, no other action such as come 2 my hse find me, dun let me go when I went 2 his hse drunk. Anyway, this is still my confusion, is it he dun k n dun love me o he's really STUPID?

Enuf wit d no ending love prob. 2day will b my last day @ MEB, Steven let me goes 1 day early but promise 2 pay my salary till Friday, which is 8th. Let c if he will keep his promise. Fri no need 2 work, Mon start new job.

Courtesy from May,

This is true. wtf!

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