Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year New Prawn New Blog :)

M now starting this new blog 2 celebrates my new prawn life in 2010.

Wasn’t in a fantastic mood, had a fight with Bean since last month still not getting better and m considering break up. Wat’s the point 2 keep on wasting time rite?

Bean is a nice man, seriously but many said tat nice doesn’t mean it’s suitable 4 me, which is true. V r very d not compatible geh. Dun blame him as I totally know this is 2 ways. Well, m still considering.

As a 1st post in 2010, let me make some new year resolution.

#1: Hopefully I can remember 2 maintain & update this blog. As a forgetful prawn, this shall be a reminder of wat went thru my lifes for the past year.

#2: I need 2 really organise my lives, do things appropriately & dun let it jz past.

#3: Watch my diets, maintain my weigh @ less than 50kg & continue hiking + swimming + yoga @ wii.

#4: Oh, I oso need 2 remind myself 2 watch my temper & b more considerate of ppl ard me.

#5: Learn 2 read at least 260 Chinese words by 31st December 2010.

Well, there r more I’m hoping 2 declare such as try baking or cooking again, learn a new skill, travel 2 other country but I guess let’s start wit this 5 resolution for year 2010.

Btw, I will be starting a new job next mon with a French boss.

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