Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Office ICCE

2day is my 2nd day working for this French boss.

I think I jinx this company. Yday being my 1st day at work, I kinds broke the upper office door during lunch time and this morning, my boss had difficulty in opening d main office door downstairs and when I take water from the dispenser, I notice there’s some water on the floor but ignore it. Then my boss said d tap from d dispenser is broken.

I just hope he’s not superstitious and fire me by end of this week.

There’s pros & cons working for him.

He’s very independent & have lots of things done prior 2 my arrival but I gotta follow his way & doesn’t understand his way of filling. Damn. He also ask me 2 call his supplier & get quotations. Dah lah his English is not easy 2 understand, I oso dunno those weird technical specs and jargons. Makes me feel kinda useless.

Let c 2molo how.

Bean din sms me last nite but he called me this morn but I din pick up. Still no decision yet. Half an hour ago, I really think v shud break up but 10 minutes ago I think mayb v can work things out n wanna give it another try. Sigh, I dare not 2 take another step forward bcoz I have no idea wat’s d next rite step for us. Did I think 2 much? Mayb I shud jz enjoy current moment n dun think 2 much of d future? O I shudn’t have wasted time enjoying now n ignoring d future?

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