Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Planning Group trips

It’s not easy to organise trip even for small group of frens.

Case 1: College buddies

First we knot decide on a place; Taiwan, Bandung or Gold Coast and Sydney. Then v knot decide for whole Taiwan or Taipei only. Then v knot decide when is d best time to go n if all of us can go @ d same time. Finally, v cancel this trip n it’s oni replace wit Perhentian but still v r not sure on d date yet.

Now part 2 of d argument discussion is when 2 go 2 Pulau Perhentian. Since May will b goin 2 Bangkok n I’ll b goin 2 Hong Kong (yeah!!!) both of us in March 2010, v r not keen 2 take leaves again so soon in early Apr as proposed by Amanda. So, another headache.

Case 2: Buddies

First n most troublesome Ken propose Koh Samui, his favourite expensive oversea trip but finally gives in 2 Tioman, Langkawi or Penang. He wanted Penang but I purposely put it last coz tat’s my least fav. Now depends on Kean Seng, Rain, Choon Meng, Rachael, Jeffrey, Amily, Sooki Kien + hubby, Ming, May, Tze Lung, Ying, Caryn + Fai.

Well, usually their concern wud b $$$ n leaves. I think this v can work it out.

Case 3: Sec Skool

This is so far d easiest. V all paid RM50 initially is 2 avoid ppl ffk n also 2 book immediately when airasia got promo but since some of our frens will b in Hong Kong in Mar, v decided 2 join them although d tix is not cheap. Carine + Lai + Heng + Lau Kam + me used 2 travel 2gether regularly during our skool time and few years bak. V had some hysterically funny stories, shared prostitute motel 2gether n zzz 2gether numerous time. Although it’s oni Carine + Lau Kam + Tracy + me for this Hong Kong trip n 2 meet up wit Catherine + hubby Edwin + Yi Chian + hubby Lee + other frens.

Well, it’s jz difficult 2 arrange n make plans in groups no matter big o small. Every1 is so bz nowadays. Dun say trip, yumcha oso difficult 2 get all out @ d same time.

So let’s cherish d happy time v haf 2gether. Enjoy our holidays!

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