Friday, August 20, 2010


These few days, d most popular topics in was dumping of babies @ dustbin or some1else's doorsteps. Sigh, I think this is 1st ugly topic I gotta blog about.

This news dated 2 days ago was about a childless couples who found a bb gal @ their doorsteps but have to give her up after 36 hours.

This news dated 2 days ago was about a gal in her 20s who had a miscarriage n dumped her 5 months old foetus in dustbin. And read till d end, in a separate case, there's another bb boy was left in front of a hse of a policeman. There's a pix of d bb and he looks as if he's smilling. He's so cute n adorable. How can a mother b so cruel 2 leave him. Sigh!
Isn't he cute and looks like he's smiling? How can d mother leave him @ someone else's doorstep?

And this champion from PAS said celebrations caused baby dumping is d funniest jokes ever. Come on, he shud urge government and/or his religious to properly educate kids about safe sex. I agree wit this letter from reader that kids shud b educated, no point microscoping them coz u can't b watching over them 24/7 esp in this era where they r so much smarter than v used 2 b and wit d ease of going online and that it's not oni girls shud b blame. If their bf take responsibility, I bet d gals won't b simply throw their bb away.

Personally I think all of them r very cruel, worse than beast. No matter wat's ur excuse, how can u dump ur bb @ rubbish area, allow ants and worms bite them, let them die of hunger, killing those innocent babies slowly. 1st, they shud have safe sex and if really pregnant, they shud have abort it better than dumping them @ rubbish area. wtf!

Myself had my mistakes too but still not tat cruel and low but I gave myself no excuse except to better improve myself.

And especially when I see frens' babies ard me r so darn cute and adorable, I really can't figure out how can they carries their bb for 9 months and after they give birth, looking @ the cute face, they can jz leave them @ dustbin and doorsteps?

Jz 2 remind myself tat I'm extremely content being able 2 hug and kiss Asoka last week. She's special 2 me coz I kinda watch her born. kekeke, stories, pls refer to

Asoka Peh + Prawn

 I'm counting down for more babies 2 hug next year. :P

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Roger said...

Thanks for blogging about this, Angie. You're RIGHT - these people are far too cruel and inhumane to dump their very own babies!

Let's do something about this - how?