Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Conquering Broga Hill 2nd time

Date: 01.08.2010

Ming called me @ 3.15am n waked me up when he’s suppose 2 fetch me @ 4am. It’s ok, I do not regret asking him + Caryn to join my ADT gang to conquer Broga Hill. This is my 2nd time conquering Broga Hill, doubt there will b 3rd as it was extremely packed.

Very crowded Broga Hill

After Ming fetched me and then Caryn, v went 2 a mamak n joined Wai Kit waiting for d rest of d ADT gang n as usual there’s alwaz ppl who are late. Finally, v reached d ladang kelapa sawit aka d parking lot for Broga Hill at 5.50am. I really hate ppl who are late. Wasting my time. Once o twice I shall try 2 forgive but if it’s 2 often, fuck it. My time is not as precious as urs? Ms LCP is alwaz late whenever v dated her for yumcha, dinner, etc as if it’s a trend o very bad habit of her. I wonder if our trip wit Ms LCP is by flight, who cares if she wanna b late n missed her flight. Mayb I shud blog about this gal fren Ms LCP who ALWAZ late (not once o twice), perhaps in another blog.

Bak 2 Broga Hill. So, v took ard 40 mins 2 reach d peak, still dark but oledi got many ppl there n very crowded liao. Still this time was worse than my previous visit. There was a nice spot where v took some nice pix, of me on a big rock tat seems like if I jump, I will plunge down d hill n die instantly. But I can’t recognize tat rock anywhere @ d peak n there was a lot of ppl 2, last time but still not as overcrowded as this time.

Anyway, Mee Yuk brought her cute doggie, Pupu. Pupu seems 2 b every1’s fav. Even Malays will wanna stand close n take pix wit him.

Tiger (aka Wai Kit) + Pupu

Pupu + Owner Mee Yuk

More pixs of Broga Hill + us.

ADT Group pix

d 3 uncles

sun rises but still no egg yolk :(

was still dark when v reach d top

Leong calling for his alien UFO spaceship for a ride goin bak 2 his hometown, Ipoh

the sun shyly greet us

prawn trying 2 hold d sun

long way for Marcus Yap

I leave ADT gang and rejoin Ming + Caryn + Caryn’s kerliq and heading bak 2 our cars. V went to Kajang for spicy soup as breakfast. I think pix of d breakfast is in my hp. Might blog if it's there n when I'm free plus pixs of me + Ming + Caryn is with Caryn's boss which she says will take 4ever for him 2 share wit us, so v will see how lar :P

Not a very tiring trip although I wakes up extremely early. Perhaps I shall plan to reactivate my regular hiking. I still prefer Ketumbar over Apek Hill @ Suntex.


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