Friday, August 13, 2010

BFF gals trip to Thistle, PD

Date: 24 - 25.07.2010

I had finally count down to the sunday where 4 of us will go to Thistle, PD for gals oni trip. We are suppose to meet up for breakfast and leave together in Yvonne's car. Unfortunately, she was not oni her usual fashionable late but she was EXTREMELY late. So, v finally leave May's hse (aka our gathering point) ard 2++pm. Frankly speaking, all my excitement and happiness kinda died, really died coz v were bored of waiting n sleepy, after breakfast pork noodle @ my fav spot.
Rooms facing swimming pool, swimming pool + reception area

Dah lah start journey lambat, reached Thistle gotta wait in a long que to check in and v r not 100% satisfied wit d room. It looks smaller than d pix from d website where v make our booking. D room was kinda humid n there's oni 2 super single bed when v tot it was 2 x queen size bed. Anyway, as usual, v put both bed 2gether n v all 4 3 very slim + 1 fat medium size me zzz in d nite.

View from reception area, Thistle directory, complimentary drinking water + Our beds

Our room #105

After 2 unsuccessful attempts to change room, May changed into her bikini + me into swimsuit and all 4 of us went 2 d pool area. Amanda + Yvonne purposely dun wanna bring their swimsuit so they jz sun bath by d pool side.

Swimming + Amanda in front of our balcony facing garden + Yvonne and Amanda sun bathing

Gals silly pixs

Ard evening after many few frog style and soak in d pool, v went bak into our room 2 get ready to go out for dinner. I m very sorry gals for bringing u gals to this lousy Restaurant Weng Yin Seafood Village which located very near Thistle. I was trying 2 b kind n hardworking by doin homework and surf for more info on d food/restaurant v shud try. Unfortunately, d review was good but d food was extremely dissapointing. V ordered butter milk prawn, which are 7 x small and not fresh, claypot tauhu vege, which are tasteless, a fried fish and a fried rice oso no taste. It costs us, 4 very skinny gal + medium size me ard RM70. I will never go to this restaurant again!!!

Not worth 2 go
Not satisfied

After dinner, v spend d whole nite in d room, watching Dangerous Bangkok and chatted till 4++am. Well, topic of discussions are private & confidential :P

All of us on bed
Our supper

D next morning of coz v woke up late, packed our things, bath n get ready then v take a walk ard Thistle area. V r VERY SURPRISE tat actually there's another infinity pool hidden between d park and beach. Since v can't swim there, v took many a few pixs.

V leave Thistle heading towards Empayar Seremban Siew Pao. I'm such a failure, even with Sensonic GPS on my hand, I can still give wrong directions to Yvonne. I'm sorry, gal! V finally make it there after a big U-turn and additional toll charges.

I bot 30pcs for my family + Ken's family

After our shopping @ Seremban Siew Pao, v went 2 this famous restaurant in Seremban name Seremban Seafood Village @ Jalan Tuanku Munawir to have baked crab, salted eggs crab + fried tung fun. D food here r of coz better than dinner d day b4 but others comment it's ok lar. Actually this is my 2nd time visiting this restaurant. I was here wit a large group of frens, also after a night stayed @ PD few years ago.

Yvonne send May home then drop Amanda wit me and I drove Amanda home. V r hoping 2 go Universal's Studio perhaps next year. Everybody is busy now so v will c if v can make it :P
Ending our trip!!!

P/S: Not to forget this means I can strike off 1 of my things to do in 2010.

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