Monday, August 30, 2010

Transforming Ken's room

After Ken cheated and delayed the 1st dateline on 31st July, we both agreed on a more serious dateline on 29th August.

First, v cleared of all d rubbish from his room, u won't blif how many antiques I found in his room. There were 2 extremely antique irons where ppl put coal inside and to heat d base b4 ironing.


Ken dismantle this wood base and we painted d entire room, including ceiling. It took us 2 Sundays (v oni paint on Sunday) to paint d entire room white. :( no pink as promised coz me being a good gf, doesn't want him 2 waste monie 2 purposely buy a new can of paint. I allow him 2 substitude my wall of pink with other pink item such as bedsheet, curtains or a tube of ice - cream. V also decided to have a PVC carpet to cover d cement floor. His room size is appx 15x12 and he bot d think PVC carpet, so it cost him almost RM90 oni for d carpet but he loves d design n I think it shud b easy 2 mop n take k. :P

After weeks of checking around for mattress, Ken + his family + me had impulsively purchase 2 mattresses (a King Koil and a Goodnight) and a divan, after long period of negotiating for free gifts and reduction of price. It's win win coz v r happy wit d reduction and d salesman is happy tat he closed d deal :P

He bot a Goodnite Super Premium 168 for his mom. I think tat's very loving coz thre's lotsa love embroidery on it. LOL!!!

For our his room, he got a King Koil Regent and a bed frame and a small side table with 1 drawer (for my sudoku :P) to place our handphones etc.

It's almost complete. Pending air-cond, curtains, my clothes (LOL) and small things like our photo and other decorative items. When I threathen Ken saying tat he will also get his independance like Malaysia if he miss this dateline again, he keep on asking if I can dissolve d duedate and declare no independance for him. Well, it's was dateline yday and although d room is not 100% complete, but I guess he aint getting his independance anytime soon also .

Oh, total damage was RM1980 for 1 x Goodnite Premium 168, 1 x King Koil Regent, 1 x 8"divan + headboard and 1 x side table with 1 drawer oni. FOC 3 x King Koil pillows, 1 x normal pillow, 1 x normal bolster. Mattresses + Bed + side table + 1 normal pillow + 1 normal bolster arrive yday. 3 x King Koil pillow pending to be collected near Pandan Safari when stock arrive.

Although v were extremely tired after few days of painting d room, mopping d floor and moving d cupboard, table and drawers but yday when Ken send me home, Daniel asked if v wanna play badminton wit him.

I ♥ Ken for loving my kids and willing to spend time wit them. So, Ken, Cecilia, Daniel, Cola (a kid Bee Leng babysit on weekend), Bee Leng and I went to d badminton court near our flat. Bee Leng + Cecilia sat there n chit chat wit us while Cola was playing on his own, Daniel, Ken and I really sweat it out. I can't zzz soundly last nite despite being on a new comfortable bed coz my arm is still aching from smashing too much. I can't stop laffing when Ken said d last time he hold a racket was more than 10 years ago. Shows he's really an uncle but a kind and loving uncle tat I love.

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