Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photoclub organised 波德申情人桥 ♥ Part 2

Yday I was anxious to post those pix of lovely couples b4 I gather enuf info.

Champion received a dehumifier cabinet for camera body and lenses worth RM680. 1st runner up received a set of flash difuser worth RM380 and 2nd runner up received a software use to make wedding DVDs.

All the 5 consolation winners received a voucher which entitles them to use Sam's studio for 3 hours.

The best couple won a set of lovely bear (d 1 which I took pix wit) and 2 x 16R photos. They are d couple from 2nd runner up's submission. Thru out d whole contest, they r very loving and natural.

Below are submissions from d champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up.

submission from 2nd runner up

Submission from 1st runner up, 30

Submission from Champion, Ken

This pix I look very slim but with big eyes coz Ken edited me 2 look more perfect. :P Power of photo editing.


Edited prawn

LOL, although I can't stop laffing but secretly I hope I can lose weight 2 bcome Ken's ideal partner.

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