Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bday + Valentines 2010

I wanted 2 wait till after CNY 2 blog about ALL of my bday stories but this is so special so I'll jz blog about this 2 pre bday + a valentine's day special 1st.

Last week Wednesday, d gals actually treated me San Francisco Steak House, after May shopped @ MNG. She bot some nice turtlenecks and it was a good bargain she got. Well, she said she lose weight so she deserves smaller sizes clothes. kekeke oh, Gladys is a special appearance.

Bak 2 San Francisco, v tot Yvonne won't b eating n as usual she's kinda late. kekeke so v ordered drinks (normal 100+ for Amanda and ice lemon tea for May, Yvonne n myself), 3 main courses n an appetizer.

Amanda order this nanchos wit cheese. D green color geh is not wasabi, dunno wat it is.

May order fish and chips, very nice n d fish is not sheng.

I order this lamb shanks oso very nice.

Yvonne order this but d ciken breast is a bit kasar. kekeke

V shared all d food ngam ngam 4 portions (Gladys went shopping) and I'm actually very happy coz Yvonne ate. kekeke

This is d earliest bday meal, thanks 2 all my jie mei. hugs.

Yday Mr C n I went out for dinner. He remembered I told him about Full House n suggest v go there but bcoz I've been there twice recently (for May's bday + Xmas wit family) so I decline. Then I remember this Cafe Cafe recommend by May and many blogs so v give it a try.

D ambiance is really nice and romantic. There r many couples there n v r lucky 2 have vacant table. :P
V ordered our food and enjoy each other's companion.I shud have put on some make up n do my hair but he reached my hse early 2 pick me so I was rushing down like a soh poh.

V wanted 2 order Lobster Bisque but it's oni available for weekends, so v ordered Soup of d day.

Oven - Baked Cod Fillet wit black olive dressing. Mr C loves this. Baked Lamb Racks wit Mustard Vinaigrette dressing.Oven Baked Cod Fillet wit Black Olive Dressing. V both loves this.

Lamb Racks cuts into smaller pieces, good service provided by Mr C. Thanks.

Prawn wit d special dessert.Close up of d dessert.

Dessert wit special meaning.

1st year Mr C brought me 2 Tamarind Hill/Spring @ Ampang. Tat was a very romantic place dimly lited, v had a garden + lake view seat.
2nd year, last year, v were @ Jake's and I had my 1st lobster and it was really nice 2.
This year, our 3rd year v went 2 Cafe Cafe. kekeke

Come 2 think about it, I have never celebrate his bday. Anyway, spending time wit him is really special and comfortable no matter wat's d occasion. Let's c wat v will have for his bday in March or next year valentines. kekeke

Thanks Mr C, a man I admire & good fren & good mentor. I hope our relationship remain this special 4ever.

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