Monday, February 8, 2010


This morning I woke up @ 5am, all sweating. I had a nitemare n jump up, sat upright on my bed, although I din sream (not like in movie) but I was really scared n my heart is all pumping n I can't zzz bak after tat.

I rarely have dreams n most of d time, never remember them incl this 1 but it's something about fighting n arguement wit family, I got kick out from my hse, feeling like nobody ever care o wan me anymore. This feeling of "not wanted around" is scary.

Wat does this mean? Will my family really kick me out from hse? Recently I have regular word war wit mom 2. All my world seems 2 turn upside down, nothing comes out rite.

Stress? I dunno.

I dun think I like nitemare + how come v never remember our sweet dreams? Where is my sweet dreams?

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