Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prawn is looking for her CNY mood

2day start work lor. Din take leave coz I'm saving it for next month's special sex sec skool trip 2 Hong Kong. YEAH!!!

Previous years mom, bro + me had reunion dinner @ KFC and Tesco Extra, Cheras's food court. This year v break another record by having reunion dinner @ Sushi King, Leisure Mall. This year special guest is Tony, sis, Cecilia + Daniel.

Dear Amanda: mom n Bee Ling said thanks for ur sms.

I had some pixs in my E71 but bcoz my lappie is down, I can oni post those pixs later. Sushi King have this small lou sang, which surprisingly tasted quite ok. Daniel + Cecilia had fun selecting our small dishes and bcoz I'm on diet, bro is kind enuf 2 eat all my left over rice. kekeke. Oni mom + bro had wasabi as Tony + sis not so keen on crying. Neither did Daniel nor Cecilia wanna try those wasabi. I oledi start making wantan coz got early flu. Now still flu. wtf, alwaz got sick during CNY.

Lou Sang from Sushi King

Bro + Daniel

Cheese tai chi

Prawn + mom

Sisters pix

Tony, Kok Hoong, Daniel, Cecilia, Mom + Bee Leng

Family pix: Bee Leng, Kok Hoong, Daniel, Cecilia, Mom + Prawn

After dinner, as per many previous years, I get ready 2 watch 72 Tenants (CNY movies) wit my sex sec skool frens. The movie is really funny wit lotsa silly acts but no meaning at all. Said to have no supporting actors/actresses as all 188 actors/actresses r main casts but not true lor. Many actors/actresses come out oni awhile and oni once, I think they r still k leh feh lor.

Chor 1 went 2 grandparent's hse. Lai Yee came in her new Myvi bringing Aunty May + Wen Hau. After our early  late breakfast, v went bak 2 my hse for some Wii. It's really funny playing wii esp wit new ppl as they alwaz do some very funny actions. kekeke. More pixs but I hope I dun get lawyer letter from our Lauyar Lai Yee. kekeke pls dun sue me.

Cake bought by Aunty May
Prawn + Grandma
Bee Leng finished d whole bowl (jz kidding lar)

Our no balance geh lawyer playing wii

Chor 1 nite ard 10.30pm went 2 Lau Kam hse for gambling. Play all sorts of card games from Black Jack to 3 cheong (3 cards) to ngau (something like 3 can change to 6 and vice versa)to 3 cheong cum ngau cum poker (3 games in 1 deal). kekeke. I have no idea wat game it was but I won RM20.00. Can u imagine I bet oni RM1.00 for each game and use model of RM10.00 to play from 10.30pm to 4.00am. kekeke and most important is v had lotsa fun shouting (for d cards v wan) and laffing.

Chor 2 & 3 I jz stay home n resting, watching tv, can't online coz my lappie's screen is all black then 2day start work. I feel lonely and tot it must b bcoz I got dump or bcoz I'm getting older mature thus I lost all my CNY mood. Mayb I think 2 much coz more gathering coming up this weekends.

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