Sunday, February 7, 2010

Market Rate

I m still having heartache thinking of Bean nowadays but I jz can't help 2 b happy for a moment when I think of I still got market rate leh. kekeke. Let me show off a while here, pls, jz 2 boast my confident.

I tot it's bad 2 get dump when I'm ALMOST 30, during bday + Valentine's day + CNY n also when I regret n wanna make things rite again but it's 2 late. Thanks 2 all these men, giving me some fun time n of coz wat touches me is many frens actually shower me wit words of encouragement, u know who u all n many of u are not reading this but I do appreciate frens like u all.

Case 1 (Serious Friendship)
There's this man, whom have been in my life for 3 years, never wanna let go of this special relationship v r sharing. He teaches me n guided me a lot like a good mentor. He's some1 I look up to as a good example n for advise. Frankly I think me having a bf o not won't change much n v r still close frens.

Case 2 (Serious Friendship)
I got a loving husband who alwaz tok c**k sayin he wans me but 2 shy 2 take action till v remain good frens till now. n of coz i love him 4 being so kind 2 me.

Case 3 (Fun Friendship)
This guy usually v keep in touch once a while oni. But recently he call n sms quite often n last friday v went out 2 club @ Opera n yday v went for movie. Yday I told him I jz got break up n not ready for another relationship yet n he said all these bullshit ie I will not give up, will give u time etc. I personally dun think this is serious but I'm glad tat there r ppl who still wan me, thinking tat he can get younger n prettier gals. He's ok looking n he is a sweet talker, thus making me so happy but it's jz not something I trust n can depend on.

Case 4, 5 & 6 (1 nite Fun Friendship)
Guy from #3 brought me 2 Opera last Fri nite n I believe it must b those dim lightings. 2 college guys aged 20 & 22 asked for my number. Another guy who is 2 years older than me oso asked for my number n when I reach home tat nite, v chatted for more than an hour b4 I told him tat I need my beauty zzz.

Alrite, I know, all those r nothing serious (except for case 1 & 2 whom will alwaz remain as good frens tat will stand by me thru thick n thin). Still my confident got boost up a bit. In my mind, my heartache must b bcoz I have confident in Bean tat he won't give up on me, tat's y I m rebellious n sure tat I WILL win but his sudden change really defeats my confident.

Let's jz say I'm having fun wit heartache for now n no so afraid of goin thru my next journey alone.

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