Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nothing of many things

It is almost a week since I last blog. Y din a blog for so long? So many nothing wit a few something happened. Ok, enuf of fai wah. I was jz plain lazy.

Last week was actually fun! Friday after work Kin Ming (thanks dude) fetch me 2 Tze Lung hse. Choon Meng, Rachael, Sook Kien + hubby was there. Then Kean Seng, Rain + Karen arrived. Rain brought her leftover of fireworks from last year for us. Turns out d younger Sook Kien is actually expert in making bombs as she bundles a few bombs and sometimes differ type of fireworks 2gether. Geng!

Saturday many of us went 2 G6 @ Gardens to pre-celebrate Carine's bday. Carine was really slim n beautiful in her new dress. Tat dress is really nice 2. This is d 2nd time I went 2 G6 but this time v got a private room all by ourselves. Saw many frens there but as usual I can't recall their names, oni faces tat look familiar. Took a few pixs but it's oni availble @ FB. Carine + Coey is really GENG @ drinking, no wonder they r called d DRINKING QUEENS. A cat was drunk tat nite. Yi Chian + Lee is being really nice in helping 2 send me n d drunken cat home. Lee was so man, he came to level 6, waited for us outside d toilet and cradle d drunken cat to lift n send us home. Thanks a lot, Lee + Yi Chian!

Carine with her bday cakes + gal frens

Gals group pix wit d bday gal

I woke up early on Sun, wanna zzz but dunno y knot zzz. Then when I get 2 zzz in the evening time, bro come 2 disturb me, waking me up again. Bro, KC, Mom + myself went 2 Times Square. Although v r oni eating normal stuffs but I was really enjoying our time 2gether (mayb bcoz I was really bored during CNY). Then v watched movie All's Well, Ends Well. It was a comedy, jz some silly jokes n laffing wit no actual stories. Other than d few regular n famous actors such as Louis Koo, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Sandra Ng and Ronald Cheng, the rest r not famous geh. I think many of other more famous actors was in d other movie, 72 tenants. Anyway, both r jz silly comedy. I hope I can still catch Woohoo 大日子 but I think chances r slim. So, let's put hope for Alice in Wonderland 3D. kekeke

D movie is 10.20pm n finished ard 12.00 midnite. When v r on our way home, v saw many nice fireworks. I think this is it, this is almost d end of 2010 CNY, which was 1 of d lousiest CNY I've ever had. No feel, bored n lonely n LESSER angpows. Let's hope this is a good year for Roaster.

Btw, I was having fever and flu b4 CNY n coughing even until now. D cough syrup tat Jeff bot for me on nien 30 is almost finish. Despite I dun like 2 drink bitter medicine but I m taking d cough syrup coz mom's nagging n I dun wanna wake her up in d middle of d nite. Let's hope I recover soon. I even stop drinking cold drinks. I'm a good gal!

This is suppose 2 b yday's posting but Celcom Broadband was so slow @ my hse so I gotta wait till 2day oni can post @ office.

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